COVID-19 Alert Level 3 at George Tennis Club

We are back to level 3! Please take note of the below updated regulations for safe return to tennis under alert level 3 at George Tennis Club.


Play is still allowed at the club, however, it’s still important to follow the safety rules as provided by TSA:

  1. Tennis tournaments may continue, in line with current TSA COVID-19 regulations;
  2. Social tennis at clubs may continue, in line with current TSA COVID-19 regulations. However, bars must be closed and players must reserve court times. No social gatherings are permitted i.e. braai’s or social activities off court;
  3. Tennis coaching activities may continue, in line with current TSA COVID-19 regulations;
  4. Tennis venues must not open before 06:00 and need to close by 20:00 – due to the revised curfew regulations;
  5. Tennis venues must have a COVID-19 compliance officer on site, when the venues are open.

 The following needs to be given strict attention:

  1. Wearing of masks; 
  2. Screening of players when arriving at a venue;
  3. Maintaining of records;
  4. Sanitising of players;
  5. No gatherings – unfortunately tournaments need to continue to operate without spectators. We are aware that recent tournaments parents / coaches have been gathering in parking areas and paring on the side of the road to try and watch matches. Unfortunately, while we appreciate everyone’s “COVID-19 fatigue” we need to ensure players are dropped off and picked up after their match. We cannot afford to have vehicles in parking areas, thereby creating the perception that tennis is allowing “gatherings”.

Your understanding and support is appreciated, as we continue to try and ensure that tennis remains open as much as possible, whilst adhering to the national government’s COVID-19 regulations. – TSA

Social Tennis

Social tennis will still continue on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, however, the clubhouse will be closed.

Court Booking & Screening

We still need to do screening as usual and members will now need to book courts before playing.

Make a booking the day before you play. Each player must fill in the online booking and screening form each time before playing. Courts will be available on a first come-first serve basis as per usual. See the link below:

Online Booking & Screening Form

Parent / Guardian / Player Indemnity Form

Stay safe everyone!